15 Tips After Epilation

Tips after Epilation

When you decide to do epilation, which is indispensable for all women, you can get some serious problems and skin issues after. In case that you have acne sensitive skin, that could be very challenging. Some women don’t feel the pain during the epilation or any side effects. As soon as you remove your hair from the root, then your skin and body become unprotected. Tiny dirt can come in touch with pores and you can get acne and skin issues. We decided to present you tips that you have to follow after epilating.

1.Don’t contort the face when you tweeze:

Tweezing brows mean that you want to make them look better, however, if you start to make faces in the mirror that will distract you from real appearance. Most people try to get a close-up view by distorting natural shape of their eyes and lifting brows in order to get it right. However, if you want symmetry, then you have to be natural, according to many beauty professionals. Just relax your face as much as possible and if you are concerned about pain just numb the area with an ice cube before you pluck it.

2.Don’t epilate first thing in the morning

Even though most people use this particular moment to epilate, many experts have stated that evening shave is more effective and healthier for the skin. During the sleep, we produce numerous hormones that maintain our skin. By choosing the morning epilation that could cause some irritation and acne, so you have to be careful.

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3.Don’t epilate during a hot bath

Soaking in warm water is perfect for muscles and to relax your brain, however, it is not recommended to shave, even though, most people does it. It is always better to epilate before bath because that way your skin will be smoother afterward. Lots of water makes skin stubbly, and that could cause irritation.

4.You can use aspirin-like products

When you start to use an epilator, it is common to get acne and red bumps. It is mainly caused by follicle that got inflamed. The follicle is shocked if you suddenly pull your hair out. That is the reason it becomes swollen and inflamed. That will calm in few hours, however, when you use aspirin-like products such as PFB Vanish or Tend Skin that will reduce the time of inflammation.

5.Clean the epilated area immediately after

Sometimes bacteria’s can reach the epilated area and cause issues such as infections that are worse than acne, so you have to wash immediately after in order to protect yourself.

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6.Prevent the allergic reaction by keeping your epilator sterile

By proper preparation and care, you can reduce a chance of getting any kind of issue. If you had the allergic reaction before, you just have to be OCD here and ridiculously sterile in order to protect yourself.

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7.Keep the area dry as possible

After the shower, you should keep your skin dry and don’t do anything such as training and exercise because additional sweat could cause infection and allergic reaction too.

8.Avoid makeup on those areas

It is better to avoid the makeup that day on these areas because it will close pores and therefore your skin will stop breathing.

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9.Get a cleanser

If your zits or breakouts are few, in most cases ordinary cleanser can help you. Whenever you feel that your face is dirty clean it with cleanser. It is important to do it before going to sleep. As soon as you finish epilating, cover the area and you will notice the difference.

10.Calamine Solution + Aloe Vera Gel

In case that you have a really sensitive skin that is prone to have more than a couple of zits, then you should use this particular combination. The calamine will soothe your skin which means that you will be protected. In the same time, Aloe Vera gel is perfect for inflammation. In the same time, it treats acne and heals the tissue. If you had a problem with acne, you have probably used this combination. You can apply a moisturizer later in order to feed your skin with protective nutrients.

11.Use a Cleaning Brush

Before you decide to choose it, you have to consider that there two types of cleaning brushes. First, one is affordable and rotating one and others are expensive, sonic/pulsating ones. People that have the potential for zits and acne should choose the more expensive one because it will deeply cleanse your skin. This technique is the best if you want to exfoliate your face. Just apply an acne cleanser that contains salicylic acid and you will notice the difference.

12.Scrub Has to Be Gentle

Even though this sounds logical, we have to repeat it again. In case that you have sensitive skin, you cannot use too much force because you will just make it worse. In this particular case, you should use gentle exfoliation twice a week, and of course, before epilating.

13.Use Facial Masks

There are numerous facial masks that you can use in order to stimulate the skin. The best choice is to find the natural DIY recipe; however, first, you have to see whether it matches with your skin.

14.Wear Loose Clothing

In these moments, you should consider finding loose clothing because you will feel relaxed. Most people immediately after epilating wear tight clothes. It is the wrong decision because it will put pressure on your skin and that will keep your hair from growing. It also increases the possibility for them to be pushed back, which could cause some serious issues.

15.Do it more often

The main advice that we have to give you at the end is to be consistent. That means that you should epilate more often so that your skin can get used to it.

We have presented you Tips after Epilating that you should know in order to protect yourself from frustrating acne and zits. In the case of some problem, just follow these tips and you will be protected.